Oral Presentation

1. Format
There is not an official template for the presentations, therefore it should be in PDF or PPT format.
Length: You were informed of the length of your presentation in the abstract notification email. If you have any doubt, check the program here or contact with us by email: info@biophysicssansebastian2024.com

2. Instruction for oral presentation:
Presenters are requested to bring their own presentation saved in a USB storage device.
Please, appear at the registration desk at 13:30, before the opening, to give the staff your presentation if you present on the first day.
Please, appear at the registration desk the day before your presentation to give the staff your presentation if you present the next morning.
Please, appear at the registration desk during the coffee break to give the staff your presentation if you present that evening.

3.Length of the oral presentations:

  • Oral contribution of 15 minutes (12 minutes presentation + 3 minutes questions)
  • Oral contribution of 10 minutes (8 minutes presentation + 2 minutes questions)
  • Flash talk: 5 minutes presentation


Poster Presentation

1. Poster size
Presenters are responsible for the design of their poster. Presenting authors of poster presentations must prepare A0-sized posters and bring them by themselves:
A0 size: Width 841mm x Height 1189 mm

2. Instruction for poster presentation:

  • Presentations will be programmed in two days: Thursday, June 6, in the evening and Friday, June 7, in the evening.
  • You will be sent an email on June 3, assigning a number and presentation day.
  • Presenters should bring the poster with them on the day of its presentation. (Either June 6 or June 7)
  • Note: There will be NO print services in the venue.
  • Presenters must appear at the registration desk and will be given a poster number, on the assigned presentation day.
  • Posters can be mounted at 9:00 on the assigned presentation day, using materials supplied at the venue.
  • Posters remain on display in the exhibition area during the assigned presentation day.
  • Once the day of your presentation is finished, please remove your poster.