This Privacy Policy generally regulates the collection and processing by ASOCIACIÓN CENTRO DE INVESTIGACIÓN COOPERATIVA EN BIOMATERIALES – CIC biomaGUNE (hereinafter, “CIC biomaGUNE”) of the personal data you provide to us as a user of the website accessible through the domain name, including the blog, social media, Newsletter or any other services or functions available at any time on the WEBSITE. All notwithstanding the specific provisions established in certain sections, forms or services available on the WEBSITE with the purpose of providing you with the pertinent information and, where appropriate, obtaining your consent.
CIC biomaGUNE reserves the right to make changes to its PRIVACY POLICY in order to bring it into line with new features in legislation, case and/or administrative law, and to the practices it develops at any time via the WEBSITE, always taking account of your rights and interests.
In any event, CIC biomaGUNE will provide you with the adequate technical resources in order that you may access and read the PRIVACY POLICY in order to duly comply with our duty to inform under the applicable data protection regulation.