Young Scientist Seminar (ESAB-YSS)” Program

The ESAB Congress – Young Scientist Seminar (ESAB-YSS) satellite workshop, is designed for graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and other early-career scientists who are attending the ESAB Congress.

This event will take place at Donostia International Physics Center, in San Sebastian.

4th June

• 13:30 h Arrival and Registration
• 13:50h Introductory comments
• 14:00h Keynote Lecture
“Protein phase transitions in neurodegenerative diseases”
Dr. Nunilo Cremades, Universidad de Zaragoza, Spain
• 14:45h Lectures by Attendees (tbd)
15 minutes talks (6 selected abstracts)
• 16:30h Coffee Break
• 17:00h Flash talks
5 minutes talks (6 selected abstracts)
• 17:30h Flash talks: Bioelectronics focus mini symposium (eProt Project)
5 minutes talks (6 selected abstracts)
• 18:00h Roundtable discussion: Career Path Discussion
Moderator: Dr. Edurne Rujas.
Journal Editor – Dr. Richard Murray (Advanced Functional Materials)
SMEs: tbd
Outreach and Communication – Dr. Amaia Arregi (DIPC)
Academic- PI.  Dr. Nunilo Cremades, (U. Zaragoza)
Project management- Dr. Nerea Argarate (CIC biomaGUNE).
Platform Manager: Dr. Iranzu Llarena (CIC biomaGUNE).
• 20:30h Social Dinner
• Txirrita Sagardotegia (San Bartolome Kalea, 32)
• Webpage:
• Map link:

5th June

• 9:30h Keynote Lecture
“One Ring to Rule Them All? Structure, Functional Adaptations and Diversity of the Nuclear Pore Complex”.
Dr. Javier Fernández Martínez (Institute of Biofísika, Spain)
• 10:15h Coffee Break
• 10:45h Lectures by Attendees (tbd)
15 minutes talks (7 selected abstracts)
• 12:30h Departure to ESAB Congress (Kursaal Auditorium Center)

More Information:

DIPC – Donostia International Physics Center
Manuel Lardizabal, 4
E20018 Donostia/San Sebastián SPAIN